On 7 July we welcome you to the first Gin Festival in Estonia, held on the magical Viking island of Saaremaa.
Enjoy the best gins from the region as well as tasty food, and take part in masterclasses to learn how the best gins and the most amazing cocktails are made.
The event is in downtown Kuressaare, in the grounds of the Arensburg hotel (Lossi 15). We will be turning the biggest tent on the island into a Gin Tent for the day!
In addition to local Estonian gins, from both the island and the mainland, many distillers and barmen are travelling to this magical juniper island to trace gin's roots - bringing their best bottles with them, and tasting their colleagues' best results.
Welcome to our island in the northern Baltic Sea. It's a land chock full of northern spirit.


You can discover several gins and meet their gin makers in Kuressaare on 7 July. Lahhentagge, Peninuki, Mohni, Kyrö, Helsinki Distilling Company, Rivo Gin, Arctic Blue Gin and Teerenpeli have confirmed their attendance so far. 
Stay tuned for more!


Would you dare to walk into a high-end cocktail bar and ask for a plain gin and tonic? What would be a smarter choice to ask for, or offer to friends?
How do you make a stunning Gimlet, or Negroni, or Dry Martini?
Barmen and women from some of the top bars in the country will share their best tricks with you.


Saaremaa is a land where the summers are warm and the winters are dark. Where tall forests cast long shadows over blooming pastures, and craggy juniper trees stand in fields of wind-licked wild grasses. Where endless stony beaches meet a swirling sea that brings winds and wild birds from distant lands. 

Enjoy outstanding gins from Estonia and abroad, and spend the best day of your summer in the City of Sun (at least by Estonian standards)!